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Viggo's Guide to Network Marketing Success

Viggo's Guide to Network Marketing Success outlines a structured approach that anyone can follow to transform your business and your life. Follow along as he covers the keys to success in the amazing opportunity known as Network Marketing. Hardcover, 172 pages.


Viggo's Six Steps to Success Kit

For Network Marketers

You're convinced it's a great opportunity. But ... you're worried about how to get started or how to pick it up again? You’re thinking, "Do I call all my family and friends? What will they think? What do I say? What do I ask? How to I approach the topic? What are the steps that will get me off the ground right? What might I do wrong that will cause me to fail? I’m stuck and really can't get off the ball – can anyone help? How do I get started or get restarted?"

Viggo's Six Steps to Success Kit is exactly what you need.

The kit contains the following tools to drive you to a successful business:

  • Six Steps to Success Roadmap - This is your business plan. It enables you to easily and quickly track your progress
  • Six Steps Companion – 32 pages of key actions you must take to be successful. They guide you straight to profitability and beyond and perfectly integrate with the provided Roadmap.
  • Six Steps to Success DVD – providing you a comfortable way to watch Viggo personally explain the process and includes stories and keys presented in a way that only Viggo can.
  • Six Steps to Success Audio CD – keeps you moving forward in the program, even if you are driving or would rather listen than read.
  • Handy Pocket Guide to provide full flexibility in your progress and constant access to your next step.
  • Vital forms – They enable confidence in your presentation, effectiveness in selecting, and accountability in managing your new associates. These help ensure they are as successful as you will become.16 sheets.
  • Hard bound copy of the industry’s most direct and actionable book on the subject, Viggo’s guide to Network Marketing Success.
  • All these useful tools, materials, worksheets, guides and book are packaged in an executive presentation case built with quality worthy of the contents that it holds.

It's straight forward, well outlined, simple, easy, and most important of all, it’s designed just for you. It's guaranteed to take the worry and questions out of the process. Follow these Six simple Steps and you'll be set.


Workshop - Six Steps to Success Business Plan

Come join Viggo in what is slated to be a practical workshop geared to bringing you tangible results. Full tuition attendees will receive a $169 kit with their purchase. Full details will be emailed upon purchase.

$169.00 (includes full day Workshop and full Six Steps Kit)


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Viggo Uncut

Daily Video & Audio Training

Becoming a top ten percenter takes hard work and street smarts. You supply the effort and Viggo will help you gain the street smarts that top distributors use to get where they are. Uncut and unvarnished, Viggo gets right down to business with the keys to serious growth in network marketing. Each weekday you get to join Viggo's inner circle of distributors and get powerful, to-the-point video and audio training segments that you can use today to get motivated and build your business.

$9.95 per Month [Coming Soon!]

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Six Figures in Six Months

by Clay Stevens

Cheer along with the main character as he achieves massive success while you learn to achieve your own.


Personal Effectiveness Profile


Quickly discover what skills you have and what you need to work on.


Residual Income Game

An excellent and fun recruiting and training tool. "We're playing a game about how to make money. Want to play?" RIGged for Success recommended with the game.


RIGged for Success

Expand your skills and enjoy alternate ways of playing the Residual Income Game. Build skills in recruiting, event promotion and much more.



Online success training subscription. Includes the Million-Dollar Earners audio library, Contacting pro audio and hours of inpactful audio and video content."


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